Leg 1: Seattle to Hawai'i

We started off, three greenhorns and one experienced person. We got as far as the Straits of Juan de Fuca, when a huge tanker was bearing down on us in a deep fog. The Coast Guard asked what our destination was, and the helmsman (Liz) gave a reply that the Coast Guard wasn't expecting: New Zealand! Good Luck with that (they said under their breaths) and I said "We trying our damnedest to get out of the way"! Eventually, we settled down to a good sail, after a stop at Port Townsend.





Four days before Hawai'i, just after we were swimming in the buff, Riki had an unwelcome meeting with the main sheet in an uncontrolled jibe that left her with rope burns by her neck, two black eyes and an arm in a sling. At the Hana Maui Inn when she said that her injuries were "a story", she and I exchanged a Surf-&-Turf dinner for the four of us for an after-dinner presentation on what it is like to cross the Pacific under sail. Tom digitized some slides of what we covered in our presentation.




Riki healed as we sailed through the Hawai'ian Inslads to the Ali Wai Boat Harbor in Honolulu. We watched some maxie sailing yatchs at Diamond Head, then bid Paul and Riki a fond adieu. We were on our own.