Leg 2: Hawai'i to Samoa

Tom and Liz go to the US Weather Service on the island to thank them for what they are doing for us yachtsmen. We were surprised to find that we were the first yachtsmen to come to visit the service!


Then provisioning!




Tom and Liz are alone on a very huge ocean. They have a steep learning curve, but they thrive.







But all was not that easy, as our journals spell out (click here; there are six pages, be patient), and a poem that Tom wrote concerning night watch (click). To give you a glimpse into some night watches, see below:


Liz captures what dawn was like in her journal (click).

What follows are some pics of life aboard AE:





We had fresh bread! We put the bowl with bread to rise inside a black garbage bag and fastened it to the hatch (see below, an excellent way to do the rising on a sunny day), then popped it in the oven.


One night, about midnight, with Tom in our shared bunk and Liz on watch, a flying fish flew aboard, came through the open hatch, and flip-flopped around Tom's feet. He let out a yell; the next morning, we had a feast of flying fish and fresh bread.


As we came into American Samoa, a rainbow arched over the entrance of Pago Pago, and we waited with our yellow quarantine flags until an official let us come ashore: