Leg 3: Samoa to New Zealand

Tom and Liz sailed into Pago Pago Harbor, and met Raleigh Watts and Amy Sinden, who would sail with them until they put the hook down in Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.


After provisioning again, we set sail for American Samoa. We were awakened each morning with a serenade of the Samoan police force in Apia.


Tom and Liz hiked up to Robert Lewis Stevenson's grave, and there met the wife of the Burmese physician who was the World Health Organization's representative to Samoa. She invited all of us to dinner.


We had some undersea time (Tom diving with snorkel in first photo)


We had quite a few adventures in Tonga. We took our dinghy and explored a cave. The outside of the cave appoeared like two giants talking about what they would do with our dinghy if they had half a chance.



We wandered around, and met some folk who lived there, who gave me an extra grass skirt. A huge passenger ship arrived, and we took advantage of their market. We took moped rides, met some school children, and bought a tray from a boat that came alongside us.





No pictures of Suva, Fiji, although we stopped there for several days. We learned a phrase before leaving for New Zealand: "the sheep method"; when you see other boats leaving, do the same. We guessed when we would see land, and although Tom knew the most and Amy the least, she won the bet. We came into the Bay of Islands under a full moon, and were welcomed by New Zealand's finest.