Preparation for the Trip

Liz and Tom had a bi-coastal relationship. Tom Hall was in Seattle, heading up a health services agency, and Liz was getting a doctorate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore. Brought together by Liz's doctoral advisor, Sue Baker, they needed to know how they liked each other and their sailboat Alter Ego. So they got together in the summer of 1983 in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle.




So you can see that it all worked out        


There were two others on our first leg: Paul Matthews, an electrical engineer who was a whiz at sailing, and Riki Ott, finishing her doctoral studies at the University of Washington in marine toxicology (she was also a fabric designer and sewer par excellence).


















Before I arrived, Tom prepared medical kits for all the cruisers in the cooperative they formed, Paul ordered other supplies, and Riki did her sewing of biminis, etc. After my arrival, we spent two weeks getting ready, then we were on our way!