King George Island

Map from Lindblad's The Antarctic Primer.




We arrived the next morning at King George Island. After the medivac transfer was complete, we went ashore and explored first the Russian and then the Chilean research stations.




We did not go into any building, except the Russian Orthodox Church on the bluff. It was an extraordinary masterpiece of ingenuity and spirituality. The painter painted and I photographed.

The Chilean Research Station is right across a small stream from the Russian one.

We look at the sculpture to international cooperation in the Antarctic Treaty, the bust of Piloto Pardo of the Yelcho who took Shackleton to rescue the men from Elephant Island, and Tom with the Chilean version of the pole with direction and distance to far-off places. I'm not sure who is deemed fit to place a wooden arrow on the pole.



And in a nod to our sea voyage aboard the container ship Hanjin Boston, I photographed this container.
The creative Chileans used several other other containers to build their own church!