Cierva Cove & Mikkelsen Harbour

Ice and lack of beach kept us from going ashore at Cierva Cove, but we we clambered into the Zodiacs to see the sights. Our Zodiac driver/photographer/naturalist was CT Ticknor, who steered around icebergs and bergie bits, found leopard seals lying on ice, and jostled with other Zodiacs to find us good photo shots. Obviously, other Zodiacs are in the pics, as was the hot chocolate Zodiac, complete with Norse providers!


Mikkelsen Harbour

Mikkelsen Harbour is a small bay indenting the south side of Trinity Island off the Palmer Coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. We do another wet landing on this former whaling site. On its beaches, whale bones are scattered among the remains of old whaling dories. Gentoo penguins abound, as do their large but hungary chicks. Here as elsewhere, the penguins go about their business with little heed to people.