Gerlache Strait

From Half Moon Island we cruised down the Gerlache Strait:

Map above from Ocean Explorer Maps.

We even found a sailboat there in the ice, and after consultation, they followed us out of the bay,
since we created an ice-free path they could follow.

Port Lockroy

In the afternoon, we reached Port Lockroy, an old whaling station in the late 1800's,
a British base during World War II. It is now a British museum, post office and gentoo penguin colony.
As you can see, sailboats come to Port Lockroy too.


Tom leaves the museum shop, package in hand, which includes the needlepoint penguins which I worked on during the trip and which now now adorm our bathroom.

A fellow-adventurer fell on a rock here, broke his hip and had to be medivaced out, so we headed back to King George Island in the South Shetland group. It has an airstrip serving several research stations, from which he flew to Punta Arenas, Argentina and received excellent healthcare.