That same afternoon, after lunch and some rest from our "Shackleton" hike, we set off on another hike over hilly terrain, this time to Grytviken, a second whaling station with a lovely little church, the South Georgia Museum and gift shop in what was the Master's house, and Ernest Shackleton's grave.



Sir Ernest Shackleton's Grave

Shackleton had Antarctica and South Georgia in his blood. He organized another oceanographic and sub-Antarctic expedition. He bought a vessel which he renamed the Quest which left England in September of 1921. He died of a massive heart attack aboard the Quest which hung at anchor at Grytviken. Thinking that he should be buried in England, they took his body as far as Buenos Aires, but his wife prevailed on them to bury him in South Georgia which they did after a service in the little church. Buried next to him is Frank Wild, a trusted friend who was in charge of the men left behind at Elephant Island.

We met in the cemetary for a toast the "The Boss". We all received a bit of rum in a paper cup, toasted Shackleton, and poured some (not all!) of the remaining rum on his grave, so that he could partake as well! On the back of his gravestone is a quote from Robert Browning, a favorite of Shackleton's.