Kayaking in Hercules Bay

We could "Zodiac" or kayak in Hercules Bay, so, natch, we chose to kayak. How do they do that, you ask? Here's how. Near shore, the crew sets up two inflatable zodiacs, with a stretch of "strong-enough-to-stand-on" netting between them. An empty kayak floats over the netting, held in place by Lisa and colleague. Two guests move gingerly from the transit zodiac to the kayak. The guests are given paddles, a shove, and "au revoir" and off they go! Getting out of the kayaks (us heading there), same drill in reverse.

After coordinating the kayak, paddles, camera and ourselves, we got underway. Lots of magellanic penguins every where, on the rocks and in the water. We saw mountains dwarfing the kayak operation, waterfalls with penguins on the beach, high cliffs, Zodiacs with adventurers snapping away at the penguins, always with ice.

Hiking in Fortuna Bay

In the afternoon, we had a wet landing at Fortuna Bay, where we hiked up the glacial outwash plain, then enjoyed - guess what? More penguins and seal pups!


Two small things the mention here: 1) I wore glove/mittens knitted by my sister Lucille which were perfect for my camera and a cap originally given to keep me warm on my sailing trip from Seattle, WA to New Zealand in 1984. My sister knitted the cap, and her then 9-year-old daughter knitted the tri-color medalion on the rim. I love them both dearly! 2) There is a reindeer eradication program going on in South Georgia; they were introduced by the whalers for fresh food but they have multiplied & are destroying native plants.