Animals we saw (with or without photos)

We saw animal wildlife! Starfish, anemones, and other life forms clinging to the rocks at lower tides; bears: grizzles, black bears, a Spirit Bear; martins; three whale species: humpback, fin & orca; seals and sea lions; eagles flying and perching; gulls; terns; loons; cormorants; murrelets; awks, dippers; salmon: alive, spawning, and dead, and on the last day, a wolf. We heard loon calls, wolves howling, salmon splashing, whales blowing - Mother Nature at her most bountiful.



Salmon returning to streams to spawn attracts bears

Birds flying & whales swimming under water. They come to the surface - but who knows when?

We spent one day on Gribell Island with First Nation guides, watching for the Spirit Bear. We saw martins and lots of black bears fishing then eating.We stayed for about eight hours, so folks used various means to stay warm and awake (sometimes failing). Then, just as we were about to leave around 5:15 PM, a Spirit Bear ambled down the stream, staying at binocular distance.
  Here's the single photo I got. The left one is full frame, the right one pulls out the Spirit Bear.

We all wanted to see a wolf, especially Graeme. We were fearful that we would be satisfied only with their tracks. Then, the last day, Luke and Tavish took us to a marsh off Gunboat Passage, and there we saw a wolf, guarding a pack with cubs hidden in the woods. We were mesmerized.