The Columbia III

We glimpse the Columbia III at anchor near Bella Bella's dock, after our arrival at the airport.

 The Columbia III was the third of a series of ships that provided religious and health services to isolated logging and fishing camps along the British Columbia coast. She was designed in 1955 by Robert Allan of Vancouver B.C. and built the following year at Star Shipyards in New Westminster B.C. She serviced the coast as a hospital ship, answering emergency calls until 1968, when float planes made her services obsolete. She was restored to her present condition in 1990 by Bill McKechnie of Victoria B.C. and since then she's been used as a charter boat, especially as a kayaking "mothership". For more history of the Columbia, click here.

The family that now owns and runs the Columbia III

We had the great opportunity to have four members of this family as our crew.

         Ross Campbell - owner/helmsman/husband             Fern Kornelsen - owner/cook/wife

                     Tavish Cambell - guide/son   &   Luke Hiatt - guide/son-in-law

Click here for more information about this self-sufficient, hard-working, knowledgable, fun-loving family who gave us such a wonderful time. Daughter Miray and Luke Hiatt have an infant son Theo, born in the spring of 2012.