Sea-Kayaking: That's What We Came For

The Columbia III carried the kayaks on the aft roof when they weren't in use;
spray skirts & personal flotation devices (PFDs) were on hooks or on us.


There was a wonderful pulley & hook-on/off arrangement that hoisted the kayks up and down.  

We kayaked almost every day, sliding into the kayaks from the swim step, with ample help from Tavish or Luke. Once organized, we paddled away, while the Columbia motored on and picked us up further on. We dawdled by the shore line at low tide and examined (close-up) some creatures:


Here are some pics of our adventures:


One day, Luke and Tavish portaged the kayaks so we could paddle on a river

We picnicked half the days, enjoying delicious lunches, pee-breaks, and shut-eye.