Prayer Flags Are Everywhere!

     One lasting impression of Bhutan is the omnipresence of prayers. Prayer flags are placed where wind will carry mantras everywhere the wind blows. They cover every pass through the mountains, and fly from the railings of bridges. Tall poles with flags dot the countryside, in memory of people who have died. Actually, very few places lack them.


                 ... and so are Prayer Wheels!

Huge prayer wheels stand in dzongs and monasteries, often with a bell at the top which rings every time it is hit by a stick on the wheel. Inside, wrapped tightly, are scrolls containing prayers. Men and women sit and turn the wheels hour after hour, sending prayers out to the larger world. Often they carry other prayer devices too.


Smaller prayer wheels are set into monastery walls; as people go by, they spin them, always clockwise. 


                              People also pray!

     People also prostrate themselves in homage; proof - footprints worn into the wood floor of the temple.