From San Francisco to Bangkok

Serendipity in the small, small world department! We welcomed Oliver to the USA! The same morning that Liz's niece Lucy, her husband Eric and their three-week-old son arrived in San Francisco International Airport from Beijing, China, we flew out to Bangkok, Thailand. We used an airport bookstore for our reunion.


(Liz's sling protects a broken collarbone, the result of a bike mishap - now good as new.)

         We then endured security, flew to Narita-Japan and on to Bangkok to our Thai hosts. Dr. Suwit Wibulpolprasert, Tom's colleague, is senior advisor on Disease Control in the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. When not traveling the world, he works out daily, as does his wife, Dr. Bussanee, a cancer radiologist. Their son, Nut is with a software company that makes computers obey his commands. We were pampered guests at their lovely, multi-generational home for our stay in Bangkok.


Although we were in Thailand for only three days, we visited many of the treasures found in Ayutthya and Bangkok. Our guide (photo from our boat trip) was Cattleeya Kongsupapsiri (or Yock to her friends, which means Jade which we English-speakers sometimes called her). At Mahidol University, she worked with Dr. Churnrurtai Kanchanachitra, the woman largely responsible for the global health conference where Tom spoke earlier in the year. Yock also worked on the conference, but had studied guiding and loved to show visitors around. On Sunday, she, her van driver and Nut took us to Ayutthya. Monday, a work day so without Nut, she guided us around Bangkok. She was wonderful, making Dr. Churnrurtai's gift of the individualized guided tour very special.