Bhutan, a Buddhist Kingdom

Bhutan is unique, but a few comparisons might be helpful. It is slightly smaller
than Switzerland, with a population of 700,000, almost 100,000 fewer than reside
in San Francisco. It was admitted into the United Nations in 1971, a decade which
saw its first cross-country road built.

We landed in Paro (Bhutan's only airport)
then drove in our van to Thimphu, the capital.
For 13 days, we drove around the country,
visited monasteries, dzongs, festivals,
chortens, and a school.


L to R: Laura Owens, Susan Lennox, Craig Provin,                   Top: Kinley, our first guide - extraordinaire
Suzanne MacInnis, Liz McLoughlin, Tom Hall, Tracy Cowles,      Middle: Chador, our driver (& prayer flag hanger)
Christin Weekley, Pema (our second guide).                           Bottom: Phil Rasori, leader & photographer