Some, but not all, fun activities...

Hiking means walking, touching, photographing, listening...

Meal preparation (our night was Tuesday) but every night was super!:


Walking along the raised berm toward the China Ranch date farm:

The borax mines with the workers' quarters cut out of a mesa required a stop:

Hula-hooping at Badwater in Death Valley (lowest place in the US at 282 feet below sea level):

Silent time in a slot canyon:


Seeing Leanne (friend of Michael's) and feeling her healing touch:


Seeing a wondrous art-jumble of a yard in a house in Upper Tecopa:

Walking the Yaga Labyrinth (in honor of the indigenous Paiute people who inhabited the area near Tecopa Hot Springs) in silence:


Work party, a few hours of clean-up, for letting us stay at China Ranch:


A night walk to the Badlands, and some silent time, looking at the stars, and for me, feeling close to my family, scattered throughout the globe but with me at the same time. No photos - natch!