Illinois (2nd visit)

All the airplane contrails
radiated out from Chicago
as we headed there too.

Day 82: Friday, September 24.
To Chain O'Lakes State Park near Fox Lake & Spring Grove, IL.  Biked 6 miles to diner breakfast in Milton, then followed Catharine's route mostly along county roads heading SE; construction on Rte B diverted us to Hillside Ave (emphasis on "hill"), then along "State Line Ave" between WI & IL; lovely campground and Catharine's special eggplant/veggie dinner for our last night "just the 3 of us". 63 miles.

Day 83: Saturday, September 25.
To home of Paul Watkins & Ruth Runeborg in Skokie, IL. Following Paul's route suggestions and Catharine's navigation, we found county roads, then bike paths to Lake Bluff; Paul & Ruth welcomed us on the bike path (we had met them in Glacier NP and they had invited us to stay with them); followed them through incredibly up-scale residential neighborhoods to their home; trip to bike store for two new tires for Rob; wonderful dinner and beds while hosts went barn dancing (Paul's a caller).  57 miles.

We met our Chicago hosts/guides at Lake Forest, IL
where fall had definitely put in an appearance.

Our host/guides,
Paul Watkins and Ruth Runeborg,
biked with us to Lake Shore Drive.

Day 84: Sunday, September 26.
September 26 - Sunday - last day of biking for the team together - along lake front to near Navy Pier, to the same spot we rode past on our first Boston-to-Chicago leg. WE DID IT!!! Friends Rich Ressman and Gabriele Rico hosted our last night together in Chicago, and helped us brainstorm ideas about how to transform our three journals into a book. Serious mixed emotions of triumph and endings.

The team sits with Chicago skyline
in the background.
YUP, we made it all the way!!!

A triumphant hug
at the place on the bike path
where we "connected the dots"
with our first Cohasset/Chicago leg.