Elephant Trekking
in Mundol Kiri

Sitting on an elephant can be quite uncomfortable - but the pink foam mats from Luise's friend Ellen made it almost luxurious. Stepping on the elephant's head to board takes some getting used to, or at least an "excuse me, please"..    

Off we set, each on an elephant directed by the skilled knees and feet of a guide. The guide sits on the elephant's neck and bounces, nudges, cajoles, clicks, or whacks depending on what the elephant has decided to do - or eat! Some guides appear to be mere children.


The trail goes down gullies, fords streams, climbs steep inclines, and sometimes perseveres through almost impenetrable tangles.

Go ahead - you find the trail here!

Fran and her little companion get almost squshed by bamboo.
After three hours of trekking, we arrive at a river, whose bank is the right height for us to disembark. The elephants are "unsaddled" and turned out - while the guides fish, cook their catch over an open fire, and enjoy them.
Meanwhile it starts to pour rain. We huddle in a thatched shelter.  

Eventually, the elephants are rounded up, brought to the river where they submerge for a good scrub cleaning by the guides, then they get saddled up, and we head out, still in the downpour.

We return home by a shorter route, the rain stops, and off we get.  
      And just to prove that elephant do more than trek, we find a working elephant strolling down a street.      

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