The Hall Elders

The painting left shows the folks
who started this branch of the family tree:
Thomas & Margaret Blodgett and Livingston & Betty Hall.
Below as adults: Peg, Ding & Tom.
John is missing from both pictures (different reasons).

Lissa Richardson (Ding's daughter), Mike Biddle, Jessica and Nicolas


Anne Richardson (Ding's daughter), Tom Bryant and Benjamin


Adam (Peg's son), Maggie, Katie & Peter Reeves

In addition to the Reeves clan are
Peg, her husband Tom Courant, and Maggie's neice, Stephanie, a family member and kid-entertainer without peer.

Yasmine (John's daughter), Tomer, Inbar & Shani Wissmann


Eitan Hall (John's son) & Shiri Ben-Ya'akov

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