Quito is the capital of Equador,
9,262' in altitude and
about 10 miles south of the equator.

By the time the Spanish arrived in 1526, Quito was a major Inca city. Its leader, Ruminahui, razed it to keep it from falling under Spanish control.

The present capital was founded on December 6, 1534.Thus, a major artery is named Av. 6 de Diciembre.

It could also be celebrating
Liz's birthday!


Taking a break during a walk are the Hall clan:
Tom's sister Elizabeth (Ding) Richardson,
Tom Hall, Eric Hall's daughter Molly Fay,
and Tom's two: Rachel Ames and Eric Hall.


Then off to Ilsa
San Christobal


Sunday: We land, take a bus to the harbour, and a panga (little boat) past lounging sea lions to board Flamingo 1. We are immediately underway to a beach where snorkeling helps rid our bodies of airplane air ...

  Sea lions threaten to sink boats in the harbour...          
... then we sail past the Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock):  
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