Danube Gorge

At Kelheim, we took a ferry through the Danube Gorge on what the Circle Line called Bavaria: Baroque & Beer. Much to see from the top deck of the ferry as the river twisted and turned as we went deeper and deeper into the Danube Gorge. At the bend of the river is the Weltenberg Monastery, founded in about 620, said to be the oldest monastery in Bavaria, which also houses the oldest monastery brewery in the world. Its chapel is the essence of baroque; every inch of space was decorated with lavish art; somewhat overwhelming. After tasting some beer there, we transfered to a motorcoach to meet our River Aria in Regensburg.



Regensburg is Germany's largest medieval city. Striking are St. Peter's Cathedral, and the relics of Regensburg's Roman past, the ruins of Castra Regina fort containing a stone inscribed in AD 179, when Marcus Aurelis was emperor.


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