We took a bus to Heidelberg, which lies south of Frankfurt by the river Neckar, one of the longest tributaries to flow into the Rhine. Its history goes back 600,000 years, evidence provided by finding the jawbone of Homo heidelbergiensis near here, the oldest human remains discovered in Europe. Much later, Celts and Romans settled the area. Count Palatine Ruprecht I founded Germany's oldest university here in 1386, and it remains a university town, known by some aficionados of the opera The Student Prince. For 500 years, the Electoral College which was responsible for electing the German kings was based in the city. Heidelberg Castle is considered to be the most magnificent castle ruin in all of Germany, taking 400 years to build, but destroyed first by the French between 1689 and 1693 and then in 1764 when freak lightning burned it to the ground. Heidelberg is the epitomy of German Romanticism.


The university's lecture hall and the student prison (for unruly students who drew on the walls for fun)


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