Passau is located at the confluence of the Danube, Ilz and Inn rivers.

Its cathedral, St. Stephen's, is a 17th century church, with one of the world's largest pipe organs, consisting of 17,774 pipes and 234 stops.



We spent time walking around the town.
Notice the outdoor cigarette machine (photo on right). One has to put one's driver's license (or a new chip in the credit card) in the slot to make sure one is 18 years or older in order to buy or smoke cigarettes. Notice the substantial lock.


Floods from rivers overflowing are an ever-present danger, no matter in which century one is living.

Check out the dates
on the photo to the left
and the photo below,
on a walkway
that flooded recently.









Passau is also noted for its gold-flecked confections (which we bought as souvenirs).



Later in the afternoon, I went to
the Passau Glass Museum,
which displays European glass
from 1650-1950.

The displays of about 30,000 exhibits
are to be seen to be believed,
glass in every shape and size of vessel,
room after room, display after display.





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