Our first city was Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first things one notices in the Netherlands are the bikers. Look for them zipping by, because they have right-of-way, bent on getting where they are going at top pedal speed. Woe to you if you are standing on or oblivious to the bike path! See bikes parked at the main train station and beside the canals (whoops!). Most of the bikers are in civies, without helmets.


We took a canal boat the following day, to see Amsterdam (the main train station is by the canal.)

Thijmen was our tour director from the start, here explaning the three-masted tall ship behind him. Another stop brought us to the home of Anne Frank, whose diary about hiding from the Nazis sold millions of copies. She died in a concentration camp in 1944.


Tom and Liz and Tefel, Tom's son, don't seem to show much jet lag from their long flight from SFO.