Getting to & being in Sen Monorom

The trip took about seven hours from Phnom Penh (see map on title page). The first two-thirds were paved then, at Snoul, the red clay track took over, mostly smooth but some teeth-rattling wash-boards and crevices; our driver handled everything it threw at him.

The dining room building at dawn.

However, there is the afternoon torrential rain, through which Luise ventured to & fro -
it may have been a matter
of ice.

We each had our own cabin and toilet - our sense of personal space safeguarded!

The owner of the guest house seen here adopted this little boy who was abandoned at a hospital, after her own son was shot and killed earlier this year by thugs who wanted to steal his motorbike. Her son was in his last year of university.
Fran pondering on Meditation Mountain.

  A visit to the market -
where lotus plants compete with electronic games
for kids' attention.

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