Engine 1 Engine room 2 propeller shaft warming fuel looking at screen Other end of controls engine power on screen More dials explanation of engine gear Liz on engine part pic of glass gear steering ceiling pipes cleaning part outboard








The engine room fascinated Tom, so he chose and labeled photos from two engine room visits,
hosted by the Chief Engineer. His log is full of more details.

Plus five auxiliary diesel engines to monitor

Chief engineer demonstrates ability to monitor independently each of the 12 engine cylinders

Propeller shaft, usually 84 rpm

How is this as the engine's starting gear?

Engine room monitoring and control unit. Up to 8000 hp per cylinder at 104 rpm max.

Top level of the 12-cylinder engine

A "simple" diagram of engine fuel & water flows

Liz checking the camshaft            Huge engine flywheel

Liz at top of engine, three levels up

Backup engine

Filter maintenance

Just one example of ship complexity

Steering gear pistons with four big motors

Pipes from somewhere to somewhere