Tom watching loadingPorthole 1 Porthole 2 China vessel Coming into port ship alongside dock container in air Boxes on truckcover left 2 Gantry quiet hold




Throughout our voyage, we called at seven ports: Long Beach & Oakland (USA), Busan & Kwangyang (South Korea), Yantian & Shanghai (China), and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). The constants were massive gantry cranes with powerful pullies that unloaded or loaded containers onto port trucks, and also moved hatch covers to get at the containers in the holds. What changed was the paint color of the gantry cranes, and the ambiance of the ports themselves. Here are some photos of both.




Awesome is the skill of the operators of these gantry cranes.

We spent hours watching stevadores
load and unload ships. Although it might become commonplace over time, this complexity mesmerized us on this voyage.