Tom at computer Liz at computer Liz & GPS Tom sunning Not One Drop Liz swimming laundry Tom Liz iPods Tom climbing ladder



Time worries potential freighter cruisers. What does one do: spend hours watching the waves? Why go all the way to Asia and not spend days or weeks ashore to see new things? Why a freighter?

The Hanjin Boston has more than enough systems to occupy curious passengers full time, and the officers and crew made everything available. That was Numero Uno. But Tom & Liz brought computer projects along, and time-consuming ones at that. These occupied about six hours of every day. Tom had a GHEC course to plan, an autobiography to write at the request of his children, and of course, every number on the Hanjin Boston to crunch in his log! Liz brought tools to master Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver CS4 for web design, and to use iMovie to create an oeuvre from Tom's new video camera output.





And then, of course, there's the iPod & iTouch, and the sun, snoozing and swimming, and GPS plotting, laundry and exploring and Riki Ott's book Not One Drop and the DVD of the BBC's Blue Planet, with a few pirated (or not) movies from the ship's library to round out the entertainment.
              So, if this intrigues, try a freighter. We loved it.