Welcome to Idaho!

Day 43: Monday, August 16.
To Albeni Cove Campground (Corps of Engineers) near Newport/Oldtown on WA/Idaho border. Absolutely beautiful ride, wonderful weather, albeit raining at start of ride; rolling hills along Pend Oreille river on a road with almost no traffic. 68 miles.

Day 44: Tuesday, August 17.
To Samowen Campground just east of Hope, Idaho (population 99) (USFS - Forest Service). Quite a lovely ride, saw lots of osprey (and nests with very demanding, loud offspring); late lunch at Sandpoint; not sure why, but we are all feeling very tired tonight. 56 miles.

When you don't need
your old bridge any more,
make it a bike lane!
(Over Pend Oreille Lake
at Sandpoint, Idaho)

Day 45: Wednesday, August 18.
To Dorr Skells Campground (USFS), no water, thus free - although campground host let us draw water from his private tank. Saw deer and very young fawns in campground; wind still against us (UGH!); but beautiful country with rolling hills, saw loons on lake; still tired - probably frustration at the headwinds. 52 miles.

Deer at Lake Leo Campground
in early morning

View of a lake
where we had lunch.