Another state line crossing documented
- sign maintenance not vigorous

You've got to love Hoosier basketball
- weeds and all

Day 27: Saturday, July 31.
To Red Roof Inn in Ft Wayne, IN - new state. Really, really hot again - on ride pre-breakfast, I decided I could not possibly continue this pace in this heat - with the wind an additional invisible barrier to progress. At breakfast, I brought up my dilemma and suggested that if we flew from Chicago to Seattle, we could bike with the wind, with warmer weather in the mountains of Washington, Idaho & Montana during August, and cooler weather in September through the Great Plains. Bob was okay with it, Catharine would be disappointed not to go all the way across in one direction - but we all decided then and there to shift route to Chicago. Totally collapsed in the blessed air-conditioning of the motel - in time to escape severe afternoon thunderstorms. 40 miles.

An example of our "reverse tail wind"
which blew us to reverse our direction

Rob's totem - Schamu the whale usual riding position

...having slipped his straps,
he took a dive into Bob's rear tire
where he lost most of a dorsal fin
and various patches of skin.

Day 28: Sunday, August 1.
To Shamrock Motel in Nappanee, IN - an Amish community south & east of South Bend.. The thunderstorms broke the heat - and it was cooler (85-90 F) and dryer today - actually pleasant ride on rolling hills through beautiful farm country. I'm still not at full strength but Bob & Cath are awesome in their understanding and support. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant since all the Amish restaurants are closed on Sunday. 55 miles.

Signs indicating rows
of genetically engineered corn
(of particular interest to Catharine's British friends)

The Campbell's Soup factory near Napolean, Indiana

Day 29: Monday, August 2.
To Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Park - along the banks of Lake Michigan between Michigan City & Gary, IN. Weather practically bracing - wonderful day of riding; changed routes about 3 times after discussion with locals; long & strong day - 73 miles.

Bob & Catharine wait
for freight train to clear out
after running over coins
they had placed on track

Flattened penny & dime on bike gloves
- not in focus, but you get the picture