Prince Rupert, BC to Ketchikan, AK

Leg 3, June 18 - 28, 2000

John Wright & Aletha Huston join us for this leg

When to paint a boat bottom in Prince Ruppert? Low tide!
The difference between high & low tide can be as much as 20 feet.
A boat ties up to pilings on a falling tide, then the boat is high & dry until the tide floats it off again.

Adverse weather meant a hike to the Butze Rapids southeast of Prince Rupert.
When we got there, kayakers were runing the white water;
we watched until almost slack tide.

are ubiquitous,
and a fascination
for these two
who have flown
since college.

Prince Rupert's
Seaplane Marina.

Afloat in Ketchikan Harbour - the small & the massive.

Eagles, ravens, an owl & Aletha

Entering the Behm Canal
into Misty Fiords,to circumnavigate
Revillagegido Island counter-clockwise.

First anchor-buoy was
inside Winstanley Island.

Trail took off from Winstanley Creek mouth,
and was pretty wet in places.
At times
the US Forest Service
gave us a leg-up.

Waterfall is just above
prize-winning bridge.

The prize-winning bridge over the Winstanley Creek. (For explanation, bridge description)

Nature doing its thing: yellow slug on bear scat; star moss; lichen.

Punchbowl Cove - and its incredible 2,000' granite wall (first climbed in 1994)

Setting off
to explore
Punchbowl Cove.

From our dinghy,
we saw a bear.

<<< as s/he appeared
through bare eye
& camera lens.

>>> as s/he appeared
through binoculars
& the magic
of digital photography.

In Passage to Juneau, Jonathan Raban connects reflecting water & Northwest art, especially totem poles.
So I photographed reflecting images in still water, too.
Frame 3 turns into frame 4, cropped & flipped 270 degrees!
Frame 5 is detail from totem at Hartley Bay School (See Leg 2).

Yes Bay: Its Lodge, and a satisfied fisherman (57 lb halibut)

John running the rapids
between Naha Bay and
Roosevelt Lagoon.

Evening song in Yes Bay

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