Port McNeill to Anacortes, WA

Leg 6, July 20 - 28, 2000

Don Heyneman, Jack Rodnick & Judy Harding join us for this leg.

Whale watching on Johnstone Strait.

Waddington Channel, Walsh Cove, an Salish ancient burial site.
Seven pictographs made with red ocher are on the rock face.

Desolation Sound
Melanie Cove
in Desolation Sound
was full of jellyfish,
which fascinated us.

Below is a full frame of jellyfish in the water, a detail, and the detail adjusted for brightness & contrast.

Swimming for the first time on the whole trip; Judy off log into Unwin Lake; Jack in Melanie Cove.

In Smugglers' Cove, we have to "stern-tie" the Elena. Complications arose when we ran out of line before reaching the Elena.
Afterwards, Canada geese play jump-rope over our lines.

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