Understated "Idaho-Mont" state line

Footbridge over river by Kootenai Falls

Kootenai Falls

Day 46: Thursday, August 19.
To Hook-U-UP RV Park by Libby Dam, MT. Rained bad last night; another beautiful ride without too much climbing - tail winds when any wind blew; good lunch at Libby - got to RV park in time to have a tour of Libby Dam - very interesting. 49 miles.

Angles upon angles of Libby Dam
creating the Koocanusa Lake in MT

View from the top of the dam
looking down the Kootenai River

A motorboat ripples the lake

Day 47: Friday, August 20.
To Jerry's Saloon (camp for free behind the saloon which folded up shop at 2 AM) in Fortine, MT. A long day to facilitate our approach to Glacier National Park - 42 miles along the Koocanusa Lake (made by dam) which extends well into Canada; quite cool all morning - got hotter in PM. 67 miles.

A free campsite available to us
behind Jerry's Saloon

Dawn at the campsite
behind Jerry's Saloon

Coffee is big everywhere
along our route...
and not just basic brew;
this is a "drive-thru"

Day 48: Saturday, August 21.
To Whitefish Lake State Park just NW of Whitefish, MT. An easy day, not too much climbing; got to campground at 1 PM - set up camp and biked "unloaded" into Whitefish for huge Italian lunch/dinner. Train tracks abut campsite and trains (freight & Amtrak) went by about every hour all night. 48 miles.

Crosses mark the highway sites
where fatal crashes have occurred.
We've seen as many as six crosses
at a single site

A bit industrial
- but just to show you
a day without wind
- smoke straight up!

A gravel stretch en route.
Catharine is hidden in the dust storm

The dreaded "washboard" which will jar your
teeth loose - unless you have shocks on
your Cannondale - which is what Rob has!

Day 49: Sunday, August 22.
To Apgar campground in Glacier National Park. Really great ride from Whitefish to Glacier - despite 5 miles of gravel road complete with stretches of wicked "washboard" rutting. Spent all afternoon doing our tourist thing in Apgar - including huge ice cream cones - came upon a black bear in the woods - we kept a respectful distance but great to see it. 35 miles.

Guess the Montana folks can't read

The setting for the "no shooting" sign.
Maybe fishing & rafting
take precedence over reading