Glacier National Park

Day 50: Monday, August 23.
To Avalanche campground in Glacier NP; late sleep; big breakfast in Apgar restaurant; did errands in West Glacier, then rode to Avalanche before 11 AM when bikes are restricted from road bordering Lake McDonald. Hitchhiked back to Lake McDonald resort for lunch - then hike along horse trail, dodging manure. 20 miles.

Beckoned into the glories of Glacier National Park
A creek in the park

Day 51: Tuesday, August 24.
To Rising Sun campground in Glacier NP. Today was the big climb over Logan Pass (6,664' - and the continental divide) on the "Going to the Sun" road and we did it!!! Up at 5:30; raisin bran and broke camp - on road by 7 AM - had to get to Logan Pass by 11 AM - again a bike restriction; essentially a 13 mile climb, about 8 miles of which are a steady uphill of a 6% grade - we took it slow and steady!; took short hike at Pass and sat for a bit to admire the phenomenal landscape; then we worked our brakes for the 15 mile downhill to Rising Sun campground. 29 miles.

Rob on "Going to the Sun Road" - imitating
a poster Rob & I have had on our walls
(bedroom and office respectively) for the
past ten years - encouraging us to
live our dreams!!!!!

Further up the "Going to the Sun" - 3rd
cyclist is Felix, going solo and considering
us good "rabbits" for him

We three celebrating our arrival at
Logan Pass and the Continental Divide
- we made it!
Behind us, you can see the sign warning
trucks about steep downhill.

It's not just hills we delight in - wild
flowers abound at the higher elevations

Taking a hike before heading down the mountain - at
right you can see the road we just biked up

Down by St. Mary's Lake - looking at sign
explaining that the little peak in the middle
(Divide Mountain) is the point intersecting
the Continental Divide (east/west) and the
Hudson Bay Divide (north/south)

Sunrise reflecting off the mountains
as we leave the Glacier National Park