North Dakota

Our standard state line photo
- this time North Dakota
Day 63: Sunday, September 5.
To Lewis & Clark State Park Campground, SE of Williston, ND. Glorious day to ride, cool, very little wind, long stretches of great surface with wide shoulders once in North Dakota; Doug Green was right - ND is not flat! Deep valleys, then long climbs. Interesting talk on the Lewis & Clark expedition at campground. 66 miles.

We followed the Lewis & Clark trail for sections
of Montana & North Dakota

Sunrise at the Lewis and Clark State
Park in Western North Dakota
Day 64: Monday, September 6.
To Cottage Inn in New Town, ND. A tiring day because of lots of ups & downs; got quite warm in PM - wind, not strong but adverse. 59 miles.

Day 65: Tuesday, September 7.
To campground next to Riverside Motel in Minot, ND. A wind-assisted day of great riding. Got a late start, but sailed through the ND prairie with wind out of NW - road flattened out; last 16 miles a strong cross-wind, because we had to bike north! It's getting to feel like fall - real chilly in the early AM. 76 miles.

Day 66: Wednesday, September 8.
To campground next to Hillman Inn in Rugby, ND - which is the geographical center of North America!. Another very windy (25-35 mph out of NNW) day - tornado warnings in next county (we discovered at end of day!); very fast when wind behind us; tricky when cross-wind, due to road direction; fascinating pioneer village/museum in Rugby with authentic buildings showing different occupations: blacksmith; land office; school; stores; train station; residences; law office. 64 miles.

Uncentered photo of team at the monument
proclaiming Rugby the geographical center
of North America

Day 67: Thursday, September 9.
To Green Acres RV Park in Lakota, ND. Amazing day - same strength wind as yesterday but our route was totally SE and the wind out of NW - so we flew ...for 90 miles. Lakes dotted the landscape, with ducks galore, flapping out of cat-o-nine-tail stands as we sped by; still mighty chilly in AM. 90 miles.

A sunflower field - North Dakota is major
producer of sunflowers & their seeds

Day 68: Friday, September 10.
To the City Park in Cooperstown, ND. Decided to have a shorter day - so explored railroad ties for nails marking the year the tie was installed (found out about them from trainman we chatted with days ago - we found several - Rob & Cath have started collections); had extended lunch overlooking lake, watching birds - including white pelicans. 54 miles

Amtrak's superliner at gradecrossing.
We watched them speed by
for two weeks.
Liz was on the inside, not outside,
of Amtrak returning home
to SF from Chicago

Day 69: Saturday, September 11.
To Hillsboro Inn in Hillsboro, ND. Passed our 3,000 mile mark at breakfast today. Had a totally water-logged day; despite rainbow arching over campground as we broke camp, we had a full day of steady rain - every mile of 64 miles was biked in the rain; grateful for the warm dry motel room to try to dry out ourselves and our gear. 65 miles.

The "Yellow Team" under an overhang to get out of the rain.

This is what it's like to bike in the rain.

This is what sometimes passes us while we bike in the rain.

Water towers like this one in Portland, ND
hover over almost every town in the midwest
and can be seen for miles; beckoning us to keep on pedalling
til we reach their cafes or campsites.