New York

First crossing into a new state
- New York!

Day 5: Friday, July 9. Great breakfast in diner in Pittsfield. Crossed into NY state around 10:45 AM - rain for about the first 1/3 of ride - but not bad. Stayed in motel just west of Albany. 52 miles.

The fire service has that right!!!
We needed that advice on day two!

Day 6: Saturday, July 10.
Shorter day - to sightsee at Howe Caverns. Massive underground cave - lots of fun. Hide-a-way campsite - pretty but on top of hill - ouch! 33 miles.

Day 7: Sunday, July 11.
Gorgeous day of riding - feared hills really didn't materialize - but Catharine's knees beginning to hurt. Stayed in campground 1 mile no of Bridgewater on Rte 20. 52 miles.

Lunch interludes along the way

Riding at sunrise in rural New York State

Day 8: Monday, July 12.
To Green Lake State Park just SE of Syracuse: first 10 miles all down hill - a gift! - decided to go north onto Rte 8 to avoid hills on Rte 20 - Cath's knees really hurting - en route she bought knee braces - feels better. 56 miles.

View from tent
overlooking Lake Ontario

Day 9: Tuesday, July 13.
To Idlewild-by-the-Lake campground just West of Sodus Point on Lake Ontario. Very early start through Syracuse, caught breakfast at a diner just West of city. Longest day so far, great weather, great views. Lake Ontario is massive, and our campgroud is literally on its edge, 95' above lake. 70 miles.

A mini-explosion of cook-stove
blistered Liz's forehead,
which rubbed on the bike helmet
- hence a bandaid to go with the smile

Day 10: Wednesday, July 14.
To back yard of Sherry Head (friendly stranger who invited us to camp in her yard - in Henrietta (suburb of Rochester, NY). Bikes south from Lake Ontario to Palmyra (where Book of Mormon was transcribed by Joseph Smith) and began riding the "Canalway" - a multi-use bikeway 70 miles along the banks of the Erie Canal. Watched canal barges use the locks. Met Sherry - avid cyclist and elementary school teacher who saw our gear, joined us for a chat and invited us to camp in her yard. Pizza supper. 55 miles.

At a lock in the Erie Canal
along the 70 miles of bikeway by the canal

Catharine on Canalway,
a bike path along Erie Canal
which you can ride it for 70 miles!)

Watching a tug and barge
on the Erie Canal

Day 11: Thursday, July 15.
To Dollinger's motel in Albion, NY. We had a slow start along the canal - frittered away the morning having fun on the canal - found ourselves with 30 miles to go with a fierce "reverse tail wind" as my traveling companions call the prevailing air currents. Finally decided to call a halt, and popped into a motel. Unfortunately, alarms and staff angst went off when we unplugged phone line to use modem, so couldn't go on line. 44.9 miles.

Crossing the bridge into Canada
to check out Niagara Falls

Day 12: Friday, July 16.
To Niagara Glen View Tent & Trailer Park, on Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Got early start and made up time - crossed into Canada , camped and spent the afternoon at the Falls - a chunk of time in the IMAX theatre watching a movie about the falls and enjoying the air conditioning! 52 miles.

At the Falls

Day 13: Saturday, July 17.
To Evangola State Campgrounds on Lake Erie. Beautiful ride along Niagara Highway, crossed back into the USA on the Peace Bridge, and rode along Lake Shore Road - easy riding. 57.7 miles.

Catharine as happy biker
on shore of Lake Erie

Day 14: Sunday, July 18.
To Lakeview RV Park in NY state but yards from the PA line. Another easy ride - rolling hills, lots of lake views. Still warm and muggy - wandered out on a long pier in Dunkirk and chatted with local fisherman/school bus driver about tales of the lake. Great lunch of fresh tomatoes, melon and raspberries at a farm stand. Refreshing swim in Lake Erie and sunset at lake's edge. 48.7 miles.