Crossing into Ohio

Same set of signs, bottom left
welcoming us to
"Conneaut is a Reading City"

Bob reading,
which is what he does
almost as much as cycling

Day 16: Tuesday, July 20.
To Pole Bridge Campground, 15 miles east of Cleveland suburb of Willoughby. Rained during night, strong westerly wind off lake (YES!!!) - found museum of terminus of underground railroad, but it was closed. Checked email in public library; read our books by the lake side. Weird campground tonight - bit of the "Deliverance" feel to it, but all was well. 53 miles.

Catharine returning picnic table bench
to different campsite - by herself

Day 17: Wednesday, July 21.
Easy ride to the home of Bob and Carolyn Irvine (parents of friend of Bob's from Cornell who is keeping our gear while we return to Boston and New Hampshire for wedding of Hornby cousin. Took our bikes to bike shop for overhaul. Nice dinner in local brewery. Getting ready for 4:15 wake-up call for limo to Cleveland airport. 20 miles.

Day 18 -21: Thursday - Sunday, July 22 -25.
Flight to Boston, drive to Squam Lake in NH for Tamela Gorman's wedding. Nice down time with whole Hornby family, swimming, canoeing, eating, etc. Wedding Saturday on Island. Sunday - return to airport to find plane cancelled. Back to Cohasset for Sunday PM.

Day 22: Monday, July 26.
Flew back to Cleveland, took Rapid Transit into the city for an afternoon of sightseeing - but again retreated to the sir-conditioning of IMAX - this time to watch "Everest" which is a great film and makes one glad to be warm! Cab to bike shop to pick up our bikes, back to Irvine's for pizza and getting ready for the morrow's departure.

Bob & Carolyn Irvine
(our Cleveland "home-away-from-home" friends
and parent's of Kelly, Cornell friend of Rob's)
waving us off on Phase 2 of our adventure.

Day 23: Tuesday, July 27.
To Aquamarine Resort Motel on Avon Lake, just west of Cleveland. Lovely ride through wealthy suburbs of Cleveland - Shaker Heights, etc. - then into downtown Cleveland and along Lake Erie - 57 miles.

After lunch,
with Cleveland in the background

Enjoying a splash in Lake Erie

That evening, sunset over Lake Erie

Day 24: Wednesday, July 28.
To Winesburg Motel in Clyde, Ohio; motels because no accessible campgrounds on route; another hot day - first day of biking between cornfields; major thunderstorm in mid-morning; found shelter on a friendly porch and watched rain bounce determinedly off road and parking lot, saw lightning and counted until we heard thunder. 58 miles.

Liz on her way near Huron, Ohio

Pouring rain;
we took a break during this one

1000 miles into the journey
- near Florida, Ohio

Day 25: Thursday, July 29.
To Mary Jane Thurston State Park, 1 mile w of Grand Rapids, OH on banks of Maumee River. Got early start from motel - covered 20 miles before breakfast in Gibsonburg; great 6.5 mile North Coast Inland bike trail; electronic bank sign registered 95 F - we are sweating rivers, not a fiber on any piece of our clothing is dry. Beautiful camp site right next to a river - but not air-conditioned; can't have everything. 57 miles.

Making dinner

Day 26: Friday, July 30.
To Woodbridge Campground S of Paulding - in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Got a good start on the day, but it was a scorcher - caught 99 F and 102 F on electronic signs - brutal! Hot wind was reverse tail wind. I thought I would expire. Campground had pool with cool water but you had to stay submerged to be cool. And it didn't cool off at night - it was a sticky toss-up between suffocation in the net-zipped tent and voracious black flies with unzipped tent. Not a terribly restful night for three very weary campers. 50 miles.

Subway informs us
about the 102 F temperature
we are riding in.
Hard to see in the picture
but not hard to feel in person!