We packed so much into so little time that only a few events make the final cut.
(The availability of photographs swayed selection big-time; omitted alas were the dinner parties.)

The Copper River Watershed Project supports sustainable development.
Here, fishermen donate used nets. The Project buys other supplies.
Volunteers pack nets and gravel edged by wood onto the breakwater
for an accessible track around the harbor.
Cordova breakwater wood supply pile of net how it works fleece shop Riki's land Riki & Liz Tom fleece Dune Lankard dune's dock Dune's school lake reflection Cordova hike 2 Beaver gnaws Cordova hike 1 moose map of oil spill riki's book on the oil spill

Dune Lankard, an Eyak friend, invited us to come on his boat to see his "island dream school of the Sound".

You can't understand Cordova without appreciating how the Exxon Valdez oil spill devastated this fishing town.

Here's a map of oil dispersion in the Sound, and Riki's new book on how the spill affected the community of Cordova. If you have time, read it.

Riki brought a picnic and we hiked her favorite trails.

Our jackets came from
the Copper River Fleece Shop.
Well attired, we explored Riki's land
where she plans to build her house.