Coffee ... or something hot
... first thing in the morning
Nancy makes coffee 1Nancy makes coffee 2

Riki coffee breakfastlunchtoasting

Breakfast,                    lunch ...

but too busy
for photos
of anything
but toasting!

All thanks to Sascha and Leanora
for planning & packing bear cans for all our tasty meals!

MORE ON POOP: Our m.o. was "leave no trace" which also included what ultimately happened to our meals. No problem! Our leaders gave us each a supply of Wagbags. With great discretion, we prepped our site, (the wagbag contained a "business" bag, a 2nd bag, toilet paper and a hand-wipe). We did our thing, bagged it, stuffed it in our pipe-containers, and carried it out. Want to know more?

Click the Wagbag!