December 28 to January 7, 2009
Numbers correspond to map's numbers opposite:

1 = Toured Canal locks & Old Panama City
2 = Train from Panama City to Colon, then drive to        Portobelo and Isla Grande
3 = Nature walk at Soberania National Park
4 = Drive to El Valle (old dormant volcano)
5 = Transit of canal from Gamboa to Panama City
6 = Visit to Traditional village
7 = To the New Old City of Panama

Brenda Byrne
Judith Berman
Elizabeth Richardson

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The Panama Canal
Portebelo & Isla Grande
Soberania National Park
ElValle zoo
Traditional village

Photos by Liz McLoughlin, Tom Hall, Brenda Byrne
& Judith Berman
Tom Hall & Liz McLoughlin

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