We approached Camp Pendleton with uneasiness – both because of the destructive wildfires in the remoter parts of the camp, and because we were unsure whether tight security measures included banning innocents such as ourselves. Luckily we were waved past the guardhouse, and we crossed the marine base, thankful not to have been shunted onto I-5. The ride was initially flat, then hilly after Del Mar as we climbed through La Jolla. We camped in Campground on the Bay Park next to an astonishingly chatty group of boy scouts near Mission Bay, on the northern edge of San Diego.  
The longest ride ... the fewest photos
so a word about our traveling companions: Shamu, Flemington & Punkin'Head

Shamu the Whale, battered but unbowed, has joined
Bob on all his bike touring for the past 10 years - including the cross-country trip.

Flemington the Frog joined Catharine mid-way across the USA, and became a "tree frog" this trip, hanging on for dear life under Catharine's seat.
  Bob & Catharine take their friends for an airing during the cross-country trip in 1999.
Bob found Punkin'Head floating in Spruce Run Reservoir during a kayak trip; he now perches in Bob's water bottle cage while bicycle touring.
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