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Bob Hornby, Catharine Hornby, Tom Hall, Liz McLoughlin
Liz, her niece Catharine and nephew Bob enjoyed a reunion bike trip from San Francisco to the border of Mexico - but unlike the cross-country trip in 1999, we had Tom sagging us and joining us for some of the pedaling. We left from the Golden Gate Bridge on October 12 and followed the coast, mainly Route 1. Where the coastline is rugged, hills are frequent and towns rare, but in the valleys we see farm workers grow and harvest pumpkins, brussel sprouts, artichokes, lettuce, and strawberries. In towns, the Franciscan missions that dotted the coast in the days of Spanish dominance command our attention. Once into LA county, bike paths along beaches give us miles of flat, "sun, sand, surf" riding. We stuck our hands through the fence on the Mexican border in Border Field State Park on October 25, just as the horrendous fires began to devastate Southern California.  
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