Sandy Cove, Cohasset MA

Atlantic ocean take-off point.

Rob getting his head into the ride

The departure

Day 1: Monday, July 5.
After a Mass of blessing in Grosla's home on Lothrop Lane, we all took ourselves down to the beach, dipped our rear tires in the Atlantic, as took off, with friends and neighbors waving us goodbye. Parenthetically, the region was experiencing the hottest July 5 on record since 1917 - 98 F. Sweat poured like a river in flood, but we made it to a campground south of Foxboro. 38 miles and one flat tire.

Sendoff from Sandy Cove

Dipping the rear tire into the Atlantic

Day 2: Tuesday, July 6.
Another scorcher - biked 50 miles to camp at Wells State Park No of Sturbridge; Liz got a touch of heat exhaustion and began making no sense. Luckily Catharine had sense to bring me round and rehydrated. Rob and Cath tired but game. Thunderstorms during night broke the heat.

Day 3: Wednesday, July 7.
Weather much cooler. Still finding our rhythm - decided to stay in a motel just west of Springfield after biking 38 miles. We needed a good night's sleep to take on the Berkshires.

Crossing a road crossing of the Apalachian Trail in NYS Berkshires

Day 4: Thursday, July 8.
Great day of biking - the feared Berkshires were mostly tamed by Rte 20 - except for Becket hill. Good campground at October Mountain State Park just NE of Lee, MA. 45 miles.

First crossing into new state - New York!

Day 5: Friday, July 9. Great breakfast in diner in Pittsfield. Crossed into NY state around 10:45 AM - rain for about the first 1/3 of ride - but not bad. Stayed in motel just west of Albany. 52 miles.

Day 6: Saturday, July 10.
Shorter day - to sightsee at Howe Caverns. Massive underground cave - lots of fun. Hide-a-way campsite - pretty but on top of hill - ouch! 33 miles.

Day 7: Sunday, July 11.
Gorgeous day of riding - feared hills really didn't materialize - but Catharine's knees beginning to hurt. Stayed in campground 1 mile no of Bridgewater on Rte 20. 52 miles.

Lunch interludes along the way