Sen Monorom's Schools


The High School's Principal Khiev Bun Liene and Luise. Luise knew there was a high school here, so she bought & brought lots of books written in English to give to their library.

Luise works at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. She firmly believes that education of the next generation is the key to restoring Cambodian society & government after the Khmer Rouge's blood bath of Cambodia's educated classes (and a million more) in the killing fields a mere 25 years ago.

    An English class in progress, taught by Sim Mab, a graduate of the university where Luise works.    


Our English-speaking guide, Samnang, works at our Guest House, but does much more. He started from scratch, ie, got the materials to build the cook shed, and funds a breakfast program for a school for minority children in Sen Monorom. We visited the school and his breakfast shed - but without our camera. He funds the work through a small business he started with a friend in Paris to sell Cambodian crafts there.

His family lost everything to the Khmer Rouge, and he hates how society looks down on the poor.

It is a mystery how people like Samnang emerge out of the ashes.


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