Camps and Meals

Here's a map (again!) of where we camped each night. The camps themselves were awesome!

The first night, we stayed by Silver Creek. The next night we stayed just before Sediments Creek. Stones made great stake pounders and tent securers.



      By the third and fourth nights we had the routine down pat; Curtis sits with map & studies where we are.


The fifth camp was on a bend in the river just before Walker Glacier, tents in a plethora of river beauties.


     The sixth day, we cavorted on the Walker Glacier, and camped opposite it that night.


  The 7th & 8th night spent on shore of Alsek Lake, with Mt. Fairweather clear in wee hours of the morning.


Two activities too good to miss!

Meals - Yum!!!!!!!

Every meal was superfragilisticexpialidocious! The guides cooked (we had happy hour!), then called; we washed our hands, ate heartily, washed dishes, and dried them in the webbing of the cookstove table.


"The Groover"

Liam had the unenviable task of setting up, taking down, and stowing on his raft "The Groover" et al. A paddle missing from its station meant that this prime but private real estate was occupied.