The standard "new state" photo

You betcha, we heading east

Day 35: Sunday, August 8.
From the Hall-Fay home on Lopez Island, by ferry to Anacortes, to Rasar State Park. A bit hectic departure from the Hall-Fays (web demands and not wanting to miss ferry); uneventful ferry ride; quite steep hills out of Anacortes, then barrelled along to brand new state park. 47 miles.

Day 36: Monday, August 9.
From brand new Rasar State Park campground (near Birdsview) to Colonial Creek campground near Diablo Lake - good riding day along the Skagit River, got started on the big climb and found it to be manageable, campsite right on lake shore - 52 miles.

An evening read on a boat dock

Day 37: Tuesday, August 10.
To Mazama Country Inn, 18 miles downhill from Washington Pass; This was it - could we make the 5,450' pass? Answer is YES. Long uphill with Rob leading the way and Liz trailing behind, but we all feel good and tired. Inn has hot tub! And great restaurant! 52 miles.

Triumphant ascent of the first major climb
across the North Cascades

Liz resting at the overlook
atop Washington Pass in
North Cascades

Snow in August!
(at Washington Pass)

A well-earned rest at the Mazama Country Inn

Day 38: Wednesday, August 11.
To camping on the back lawn of the Sportsman Motel in Twisp, WA. Really quiet, restful day - great breakfast at Inn, short hike on foot along cross-country ski trail; then short ride to Twisp; in the high 90's F but dry and no problem. 23.5 miles.

Camping outside
rather than inside
the Sportman's Inn
(Mum and Dad - we called you from here)
One in a long string of diners,
but this one sure was rustic:
Antlers Saloon & Cafe

An inside view

It's what's for breakfast!

Catharine's new mascot - Flemmington Frog - hard to make out in photo, but he's there, riding on top of air mattress on back of C's bike

Shamu and Flemington out for the air

Day 39: Thursday, August 12.
To Shannon's Ice Cream Parlor & RV/Camping site in Tonasket, WA. Early breakfast at Antler's Saloon & Caf‚, then over Loup Loup Pass (4,020'), then glorious run downhill and 28 additional miles to Tonasket with great tailwinds! 61.7 miles.

This is for all you commuters out there

A bike commuter

A rather larger commuter,
one of countless logging trucks
to pass us in timber country

Regular mail, junk mail, air mail
- that's what they were labeled!

Flats happen!

Day 40: Friday, August 13.
To Ferry County Fairgrounds Camground, just east of Republic, WA. Another pass behind us - this time Waconda (4,310') - easy ride into Republic after long reading/lunch break in Waconda up by the pass. Shared campground with the "Roving Gamblers" - motorcycle club which rendezvous at the fairgrounds every year- most looking like they were sent by central casting!. 43.8 miles.

A fellow camper
in Ferry County fairgrounds
near Republic, Washington

Making a campfire,
with wood donated by camp host

Day 41: Saturday, August 14.
To Comfort Inn in Colville, WA - after going up and over the highest pass in Washington State - Sherman Pass (5,570'). We are getting to be pro's at pass-crossings taking them one day at a time. Poured rain during ascent; chilling cold on the spin down, but once back in the sun - all warm again. Time for indoor night - for email, web picture posting, good dinner, etc. 49.7 miles.

Rain at the top
of the highest pass
in Washington

A sample of the marvelous landscape
which we pass daily

Another glimpse of the beauty
we are surrounded by

Day 42: Sunday, August 15:
To Lake Leo campground west of Ione, WA. Really short day - email business at motel from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM - then stopped for groceries. Cath met her high school math teacher (Doug Green) and his wife Cathy, if you can believe it, as they passed us biking west!!! Got a great campsite overlooking the lake. 31 miles.

Catharine meets Doug Green,
her seventh grade math teacher
(and high school community service coordinator)
near Ilone, Washington:
he and his wife Cathy persevered
east to west longer than we did

The Greens and Catharine

The view out of Manressa Grotto, high up
in the hills overlooking Pend Oreille River

Cath and Rob inside grotto