Bringing Onward up the Pacific Coast

From Southern California to Puget Sound, Washington
July 14 to July 29, 2001

The four who made the passage:
Tom Hall, Liz McLoughlin, Raleigh Watts, Captain Alan Hugenot.

This is passage-making in daylight with calm, sun-sparkling seas, about 3 miles offshore.

This is passage-making in storm conditions: 40-45 knots of wind and 10' to 12' seas.
Photos are taken through a port hole in the pilot house and the spray-soaked main cabin window.

About 50% of our passage-making was in darkness, with a range of wind and sea conditions, but no photos.

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge from the Pacific Ocean at dawn.

Closer to the Golden Gate,
a multitude of birds
and the rising sun
accompany us
to our home port.

Two views of the Onward at the guest dock of the San Francis Yacht Club:
on the left, the Palace of Fine Arts is in the background; at right, the SFYC building.


Seals crowd the mark at Shelter Cove; birds survey the scene at Crescent City;
none pay us much mind.


Onward is last in line of fishing boats at Crescent City dock; same harbor at sunset.

We didn't come close
to most lighthouses.

This one, in Westport, WA
became landbound,
as the shifting coast
extended the land
well seaward of the light.

Cape Flaherty & Tatoosh Island - which we round to enter the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

Two boats connected to our arrival in the Pacific Northwest:
the broken down Dorsal which we tow to Neah Bay,
and the Victoria Clipper which takes Raliegh and Alan off to Seattle,
 leaving us alone with Onward.

Read Tom's day-to-day description of our trip north.

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